How the site is profitable

" how is the website profitable? How many good ways to make money? What if I want to run a website and how to find a profit? What kind of Web site is suitable for me? " five years ago, I came to the Internet from traditional business with this question…….

the website profit mode: service personal trading platform website (C2C) mode

The website is the

website profit pattern two: online advertising

online advertising is website profit more common way, its many forms, from Banner (banner), LOGO (icon) to Flash multimedia advertising, animation, online video and other variety, from the charging point of view, is now more popular click charges, such as Google and Baidu search engine the site is mainly taken such advertising, Google $3 billion 100 million last year (year income $1 billion 460 million), are basically derived from such advertising.

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Kotler marketing theory of personal Adsense profit Road

let’s introduce our father of modern marketing Kotler.

Philip · Dr. Kotler (Dr. Philip Kotler) was born in 1931, is a master of modern marketing, known as "the father of modern marketing, incumbent tenured professor at the Northwestern University Kellogg School of management, with an honorary doctorate from MIT, Harvard University, and University of Zurich, postdoctoral and other 8 universities. He had seen 40 years of economic ups and downs, the decline of ups and flourishing history, which achieved a complete marketing theory, and cultivate a new generation of large American entrepreneurs. He won several national medals and awards, including "Paul · D· convers Award" and "Stewart · Hunterson · Fulbright Award", "outstanding marketing Educator Award", "Marketing Excellence Award", "Charles & middot; Coolidge prize". He is the American Marketing Association (AMA) the first "marketing Educator Award winner, and to date only three times won the" marketing magazine "award for the best paper — Alfa · kappa · (Alpha Kappa Psi Award poussy award winner). The works of many, many have been translated into 20 languages and 58 countries by the marketing people as a marketing book. Among them, the "marketing management" a book is regarded as the Bible marketing. read more

Mike V plans to return the website registration starting today

In the autumn harvest season, Mike Beijing Ruiteng Technology Co., Ltd. from September 7th to 9 at the Jiuhua Spa & Resort in Beijing held a "media initiative, winner of national heroes throne" the effectiveness of media, the main site of nearly 200 people attended. During the meeting, Mike Ruiteng company issued a marketing plan V, participants reacted strongly.

after many effective websites competing application and implementation details about. For the convenience of the website for details and apply for VIP membership, Mike Ruiteng opened online registration channels. From now until September 20th, the official website can be registered and registration. Mike will return to the VIP registration website will carry out a comprehensive assessment, the first batch of finalists selected from the list of VIP website. VIP membership application results will be published in the official website of Mike Ruiteng in late September.

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How to play the power of teamwork in the Internet

Internet entrepreneurs with extensive development of the Internet has attracted many college students, job seekers, and in this group of entrepreneurs mostly alone, but with the Internet competition, individual individual combat history has passed, now the emphasis is on a solidarity era. Perhaps many people saw Ma Yun, Shi Yuzhu’s achievements, but they did not succeed in the spirit of unity before you see it? And now there are many well-known sites, A5 and Chinaz with the more familiar, the two sites are not many people, with many people together to promote the coordination site progress, the author combined with today’s social reality about Internet entrepreneurs how to play the power of the team. read more

IPLUS Fetion about offline notifications

  the contract expires, the offline
  Fetion on September 30th; please pay attention to the webmaster! Replace the code as soon as possible, so as not to cause unnecessary losses!

  Union address:

  more information as alliance in:
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  Admin5 every day look at the channel alliance; ah, a lot of information to make money online.
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Comment on today

Today, review records, group 2 (34514742) welcome to continue to add!

currently offers 2 webmaster website interactive comments QQ group 1:34289155 (200 full) QQ group 2:34514742 (120)

to help the webmaster understand your website, let the webmaster to comment on your website. 3 pm to 3:30 pm each day in the group of the next (want to develop to the future of the 5 group of people want to help a lot of publicity) at the same time to comment on the 2 will also do your best for 2 reviewers to do 2 free long-term links. Now comment starts    

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Maximize Google AdSense revenue

we collect these easy to implement techniques designed to help you maximize the potential for AdSense to increase revenue.

1. display ads in a significant position.
placing ads to clear position (web page without scrolling, you can see the part) is more convenient for visitors to see ads, so as to improve the click opportunity.

2. try different ad formats.
page style is different, so you should try to use different advertising format and page layout to match different. We offer a large number of ad formats for AdSense publishers to choose from – you can view each format in our ad format page. read more

Content entrepreneurship this year traffic, winners and pay for the future

Abstract: the driving force behind the content of entrepreneurship is not limited to the flow of the right to change the distribution, but also to create conditions for the new business model to bring the imagination.

this has been going on for more than a year, the content of entrepreneurial boom, the engine behind its power is not limited to the process of redistribution of traffic, but also in the process can create conditions for the birth of a new business model. Such an imagination, enough to allow the content of the entrepreneurial Legion winners become the first wave of consumer upgrades beneficiaries. read more

Financing 1 billion 200 million of the spring rain CEO died why entrepreneurs can not stop anxiety

yesterday noon, the rain doctor founder Zhang Rui died of myocardial infarction sudden news, WeChat began maxed circle of friends and micro-blog, then the media and the medical profession confirmed and follow up related news.


spring is the largest internet medical platform, including remote inquiry, family doctor, make an appointment, such as multiple services. 2014 complete C round of $50 million financing. 2016 completed 1 billion 200 million financing, is divided into the demolition package listed. All the strategizing, unfortunately, doa. As a result, a lot of public opinion, pressure and anxiety is the culprit leading to tragedy, why entrepreneurs can not stop the anxiety of read more

Pea pods missed the best selling period once the entrepreneurial star announced the end

has repeatedly been informed of the acquisition of pea pods finally confirmed into Ali mobile.

pea pods announced today that its distribution business will be incorporated into the Alibaba mobile business group, the two sides have signed a merger agreement. Currently, the two sides did not disclose the specific amount of mergers and acquisitions.

Alibaba mobile business group president Yu Yongfu (micro-blog), said pea pods to join Ali mobile, the future is greater value lies in the two sides of the two sides in the big data and content. read more

Quickly denied before listing the original car CFO Yiqi bell was appointed CFO in November last year


technology news February 8th news, today’s official Sina Technology to quickly confirm, Yiqi bell has joined the deft technology management team in November 2016 as CFO.

yesterday morning, according to U.S. technology blog TechCrunch reports, informed sources, and then in the second half of this year IPO, but the specific plan might also make adjustments. Informed sources said that the application of more than 40 million daily active users, monthly active users reached 100 million, the recent valuation of about $3 billion. read more

Three do not fly case, look at the Internet entrepreneurs just need and scene

introduction: entrepreneurs often encounter such contradictions in the grinding products: the fictitious user needs, users just need to hold; construct the user scene, but can not cultivate the user just needs; but not just need to seize the construction scene.

these days often and Internet entrepreneurs to deal with, everyone wants to start in this era, every entrepreneur brain hole wide open, cudgel thinking every user needs and user scenarios. In the author’s opinion, the test of whether the project is only two criteria for flying, the first is to meet the needs of users, second is the ability to build the use of scenarios. read more