SEO Wangzhuan secret two do SEO for yourself

Hello everyone, I am the United States and Beijing air conditioning repair. The front wrote an article "a secret SEO Wangzhuan: SEO" for others to do more is to introduce me to some of the ideas of SEO wangzhuan. I think SEO Wangzhuan for others to do SEO we need to do their best first, and then to provide customers with the best service. But most of the time we do to others when the SEO will feel very tired, but not much money, which prompted us to have another idea, but also the hearts of each webmaster dream: to do their own SEO. read more

Several I did think I can pop Alliance

I’m a little grass, seldom write something like this, today is a bit small, not to say out, do not easy. More grassroots is not easy to do a small grass, especially those dirty revulsion big advertising, you really think not yourself is ah!


I have been a pop, so far, I think that a good few: 1 2 3

why should I recommend this several, because first, customer service attitude, the problem will be the first time the loss back, so even if the deduction amount, the heart did not feel what, because he at least respect for you, respect your station. Second weeks pay, read more

Takeaway platform zero line to complete the B round of $30 million financing

Abstract the current round of financing led by Tencent investment, Sequoia Capital and Gobi capital with the cast, the current funds have been credited.

reported in January 7th ran technology Tencent

food takeaway platform zero line to the Tencent recently confirmed technology B round of financing has been completed, the amount of about $30 million, by the Tencent led, Sequoia Capital and Gobi capital with the cast, now all the funds have been credited into account. Zero line did not disclose the specific circumstances of the current round of financing shares, but said after Tencent investment, the founding team still holds absolute control. read more

Baidu Wangzhuan survival

my site named Baidu is really guilty Wangzhuan, Chinese name, big scary, in fact, is a small little website. No one knows except the people in their own circles and their own. The search engine is not included, but is a small website, my monthly income reached six hundred yuan, as a part-time online who is successful. Do such a station is purely by chance in the friends of encouragement also bought a COM domain name, took a big name, is actually a small figure. Today, I put my site’s successful experience to write it out, it can be regarded as a small site webmasters to explore the survival of the site of the road bar. read more

App developers into the jungle users only love free applications

the beginning of the end of June, Apple’s app store Chinese district audit cycle significantly extended, this situation with the new Apple products – OS X Mountain Lion and iOS 6 on the market, but more is due to the domestic App application development caused by chaos.

audit waiting longer even through the rate of decline, not only let the original developers of the new iteration and prolong the period of customer service, some manufacturers also disrupt the business plan, as has been in iFLYTEK gem (SHE:002230) the product launch plans are affected. The company’s most famous application is a speech recognition word input voice board. read more

23 year old guy idea of a ten million dollar investment

BI Chinese station on August 23rd reported

for the 23 year old young people, most people may have just graduated from University, in a tangle of jobs or something, and James · Proud (James Proud) has raised its startups to millions of dollars of funds. Prodi’s company makes a device that helps people sleep better and deeper.

Prodi is Hello’s CEO, they create a device named "feeling sleep tracker". This device looks like a ball, you can put on your nightstand. When you are asleep, it can monitor various environmental factors in your bedroom. "Feeling sleep Tracker" idea to help you develop good sleep habits, and find out what reason cause you to wake in the night. read more

Profit model of chat room

chat room website more be too numerous to enumerate the passion, what makes them so strong vitality? Today, they’d analyze domestic lesser passion chat room profit way and the development of


talk about the chat room profit model is divided into three kinds:

CPS advertising video chat service providers advertising alliance provides the CPS code and recharge way! Video service providers win over beauty to seduce, persuade customers to send virtual goods and video subscription service to obtain preliminary earnings! In fact, plainly, the female equivalent of some video run business marketing team, they do can to sell yourself and your goods! Webmaster, get code from the CPS advertising alliance, and launch promotion, with the temptation of the page to induce users to buy virtual recharge and trial registration points! And then according to the Commission is divided into! This is the chat room website profit the most lucrative source of read more

A monthly income of over 3 points on million micro entrepreneurs of 2015 micro business operators!

notes: in my impression, whether online or offline Internet companies, the traditional enterprise, any bigger companies at the starting stage and even early start for a long time, is to rely on a few core staff and even the boss himself by running the business and finally lay the country.

from the beginning of 2014, micro business swept across the country, swept the circle of friends of WeChat, gradually swept the mobile social software and related community forums.

admittedly, micro business is currently the hottest industry, but also the most professional fire. I started from the beginning of 2014 WeChat marketing research, and now more than a year’s time, see a lot of changes, brought me a lot of thinking. read more