Example Site domain name is not on the method page keywords ranking all decreased

hard work pays off, and now I stand back to the first site domain name, the original keyword ranking also recovers to the home page, the position of the first point the day and await for it. Experience: in the event of a problem during the day I only do three things: 1, check the chain and inside the dead link; 2, just like before day 2 articles (original); 3, released the chain domain name only with WWW and only go to high weight website chain (A5 for release, classification of information station). Hope to help troubled is this issue webmaster, to tell the truth in the period right down that I once thought of giving up, but the fact is that I do Shanghai Longfeng with do other things "did not fall, as long as you work hard" site optimization can Difficult miscellaneous diseases as long as the webmaster, insisted that victory is forever not wait for us. The first A5, www.clczzc贵族宝贝 original, reproduced please specify the source of read more

Website optimization has not rankings, you have to consider the following factors

as everyone knows, website optimization to get the weight and keywords ranking is every ER in Shanghai Longfeng diligently pursue things, as a webmaster we can’t just let the subjective to the optimization of our site, in the process of Web site optimization is the following details of what we should focus and attention, good gossip, short continued. In today’s topic, website optimization can not improve the ranking you have to consider the following factors

second, website content is in a perfunctory. We know that many webmaster see others updated articles or false original article, oneself also complacent used copy, not only this is why others can be false original on the basis of one-sided viewpoint, because other sites may be the portal site for long time, high weight, which is a false original article will be better included, while he is just a small business station, the content included no and others that you and others together, using the same article construction did not die? read more

The website snapshot does not update the content update date inquiry

snapshot update date and extract the contents of

this blog theme is more than fighting last month with the theme in the new year’s day has replaced the theme now, as shown below:

theory, Yu bucket blog updated snapshot, and even crawl content updates, but why snapshot preview is lagging behind? This question is very interesting, I have not met before the fight, the encounter, simply to explore, the following points are more than fighting personal speculation, not quite correct, what we can put together the research objection. read more

Case analysis the first step in the promotion of optimization must be done

for Swiss watches network 贵族宝贝gudoi.>

from the above picture, we can see that the existing title and keywords repeated phenomenon. Should be changed to: company name + core + keywords popular keyword title is preferred, it is simple and can highlight the weight, so the search engines would be more in line with the appetite. Keywords for guidance to the theme of the site, it is not recommended to the company name, company name and description to the beginning, with more originality and independence, the search engine more love the original things. read more

Ten months gathered 150 thousand webmaster members portal webmaster BBS is how to do

portal webmaster forum since April 8, 2008 officially launched, immediately attracted to join and sought after many webmaster at home and abroad, by the end of February this year, the number of registered members portal forum has reached 150 thousand, basic membership to give priority to, Alexa ranked 18105 on average in March, Google PR value 6, has become the owners of such media China strong the brand, and officially enter the semi-finals Chinese stationmaster media ranks! So, such a short time, the portal why can attract so many webmaster have joined the portal, how, under I will be divided into several aspects to simply discuss and you. read more

Who can catch female users — Talking about consumption sharing community

, as a new age woman, thinks she never stops looking for the appearance of a woman. Her inner state of independence is a cool thing. In order to achieve this goal, Taobao has no less books, no less reading. Although there are far from the benchmark for a distance, in this process, transformed from small buyers for the BRIC unknown to the public and some part-time experience Taobao buyers, those things to talk about consumption share community should understand a drop of one or two.

is now online shopping, how many people are so stupid so naive to Taobao search directly, then click on the sales ranking and compared one by one to see the final orders? If the computer lovely you also followed the old method, then bump kazakhstan. The Internet information industry’s most recent change, the field is filled with undercurrent "recommended shopping, shopping search, shopping guide the direction of the community" and other products. Of course, I also read the news the white crow brother blog (http://uicom.net/blog/) said the white crow brother to guide the field of electronic commerce is very profound high perspicacity, recommended reading. read more

Marry a website as a wife

contacted a net friend yesterday and asked me in the first sentence, "is it a single person?" yes, she is a single person. As the grassroots webmaster after 85, with the grassroots contacts are increasing, this sentence can often hear. Hearing this sentence, I can not help feeling the grass roots.

has been the envy of many people a relaxed and happy working, can surf the Internet every day, but they have not thought about life? The passion in the heart is lit, and the pursuit of dreams, alone around the clock down in front of the computer, the keyboard, eyes with hands move the mouse on the screen and sweep sweep. Their hearts only a persistent pursuit, it is his life, forget the reality of work, visual acuity declined over time. Nocircadian days already have their biological clock disrupted, still not stopped. And I, too, are part of this life. read more

How to name the shop

new store opened, the name is essential, so, how to give the shop name? What are the names of the shops? If the name was not good, except for what will follow up in the days after the name? The following small series for you to bring relevant information!

1, readability: enterprise, the name of the trademark has the function of indicating the nature of the enterprise, suggesting the function of the product. Such as the "Guangming Daily" set: Zhejiang city of Lanxi province was a museum, they give themselves a deep meaning name name Chengyang scold stone museum. But the sign hanging out, others don’t understand, the owner quickly added in shop signs near the Lanxi city enterprise culture service brand to complement. What is the history of the stone Chengyang? According to ancient "supernatural biography" records: the legendary Huang Chuping shepherd in Jinhua stone chamber leads to the priest. His brother from the beginning of the search, but see a white stone. At the beginning of the history of flat stone, Jiecheng sheep. In the face of a public service shop, the name actually contains so subtle allusions, no wonder people cannot read. The same is the name of a wine museum, and the popular name "Lu Zhai and intriguing name itself a good advertisement. read more

What are the main raw materials

we all know that there is a big difference between Western food and Chinese food, Western food is often very expensive, and the Chinese have different price, to meet the needs of the people. The direct cause of the dishes is different from the selection of raw materials, in addition to different cooking practices. Here to introduce to you what are the main ingredients of Western food?

Western food raw materials are meat, aquatic products, venison, poultry, fruits and vegetables, dairy products, Cereals, seasonings, etc., in this paper only introduces the commonly used raw materials. read more

Suitable for office workers a few super low threshold good project

Progress in the

era, people’s ideas are changing, now it is no longer good when a commuter, most people will have their own business, entrepreneurship is not a trifling matter, had to prevent the risk and the choice of the project!, to a large extent can avoid risks. The following is the author of the 13 suitable for workers to explore the threshold of a good project, I hope you can help.

1, do Witkey

as long as your desk has a networked computer, and you are willing to use your brain, it will make you happy. read more

Henan innovation and entrepreneurship work conference held in Luoyang

all the government has long been aware of the important role of innovation and entrepreneurship, and introduced a number of measures to support the allocation of resources, to speed up the "double" work. To comprehensively promote innovation and entrepreneurship, a good ecological environment is essential.

12 21, Henan innovation and entrepreneurship work conference held in Luoyang. Xu Jichao, vice governor of Henan Provincial People’s government attended and addressed the meeting, chaired by the Deputy Secretary General of the association of China, vice chairman of the board of directors of the people’s Republic of China (CPC), vice governor of the state. Provincial departments responsible comrades, the provincial municipality, county (city) government in charge of responsible comrades and director of science and technology, some colleges and universities responsible comrades, the national science and technology business incubator, provincial university science and Technology Park, the national public record space is mainly responsible comrades of large enterprises, scientific research institutes, venture capital institutions the principal responsible comrades, some of the contest winning enterprises, the winning team of representatives to attend the meeting. read more

Umbrella ten brands list – the whole

China’s geographical location, so that the umbrella has been used in a lot of time, so that the entire umbrella market is also a very rapid development. The use of what kind of umbrella is better, has been a concern of consumers. Xiaobian summary of multi statistics and user feedback to provide you with the umbrella of the top ten brands list for consumers to understand the umbrella brand as a reference.

umbrella top ten brands list: Paradise

paradise umbrella by Hangzhou paradise umbrella group production of domestic famous brand umbrella. Including umbrella, sun umbrella, straight umbrella, two folding umbrella, seventy percent off umbrella, four folding umbrella, advertising umbrella, parasol court, sunshade, beach umbrella, craft umbrella and other varieties. Light is paradise umbrella and new, strong, beautiful and well known, product quality and technology in the national leading position in the automotive industry, enjoyed a high reputation in the domestic market. read more

The site should avoid what error – the whole

entrepreneurial journey is long and difficult, want to achieve the normal operation of the store, business in the business when people need to master certain skills for business location, shop idea of entrepreneurs, many entrepreneurs in the business when easy to make mistakes, to find the facade often made the following 4 kinds of errors:

the more anxious more is to find a good appearance. Entrepreneurs for the first time to find the facade, no relevant experience, all subjective judgment, after seeing a facade, without careful consideration, hasty decision. So many people pay a lot of price, or regret not to pay a deposit, and it does not matter, the most afraid of being handed over to find their mistakes, but has not come out. Business is a very good thing to do, look for the facade is also, the heart is too often can not find a good facade. read more

Mass culture in our city

over the past few years, a lot of foreign tourists came to Xining, was deeply infected by the mass cultural atmosphere, feeling the charm of Xining infinite vitality. Indeed, the streets of Xining today, all the city is rich and unique cultural atmosphere of infection and attraction. In Xining, a place where the street square, regardless of seasons, there will be a team, team, yangko dance Guozhuang fan dance team, dance aerobics team was going on. There is a small garden where there are said to play music whenever the folk art team, passionate amateurs, people from their expressions, an endless enjoyment ebullience and energetic dance, can taste the happiness and sweetness…… In fact, these are just a part of the cultural life of the people of Xining now, and this one scene is reflected in the vitality of Xining, the expression of Xining’s civilization, highlighting the charm of Xining. This is the new period in our city in the transformation of mass culture, and actively explore, bold attempt to come out of the results. In recent years, the city to strengthen the construction of public cultural service system, improve the cultural soft power of the city and the city’s cultural Huimin service system innovation results. read more

Mobile thousand 6 yuan pop ads on-line (no virus, no plug-ins)

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