And behind all of this is the fear, in many countries, that among new and established immigrant populations are terrorists who may be plotting more heinous crimes like those that just occurred in Brussels, or the events that traumatized Paris twice in 2015. When we are constantly bombarded by stories about the crisis, it is all too easy to become inured to the waves of people fleeing war and poverty -- until we are jolted out of our complacency by the image of a drowning child, or by rhetoric that smacks of Germany in the 1930s.





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More recently Bouchra Khalili,

a Moroccan-French artist now living in Berlin


Oxford University

Artists have long been involved with political activism -- Goya's The Disasters of War series and Picasso's Guernica are but two examples -- and many deal with problems of migration, foregrounding its urgency in their work

has since 2008 documented the stories of those fleeing the Middle East

Khalili's The Mapping Journey Project (2008--11) charts in detail the story of eight clandestine journeys across the Mediterranean

The Dutch artist Lonnie van Brummelen's prescient 2004--05 trilogy Grossraum (Borders of Europe)

examines three sensitive border crossings into Europe

The artist portrays the people and the landscapes of these remote perimeters, diligently filming those who can enter into Europe and those who cannot, simultaneously revealing the tenuousness of the idea of Europe, and the amount of force required to maintain this fragile abstraction.

in France, explore in different ways


This problem, of course, is not exclusive to Europe

Oxford University

Halil Altindere's powerful film Wonderland uses the pulsing beat of hip-hop music to dramatize the plight and anger of some of Istanbul's most vulnerable citizens -- including some with long-standing roots in Turkey -- whose neighborhoods are being reclaimed by the Istanbul Housing Authority for gentrification.


2013 - Now

In Europe camps are rapidly

500,000, mostly Somali, refugees

Housing, in fact, is one of the most urgent issues for refugees seeking asylum in Europe and elsewhere. There are camps like Zaatari, in Jordan -- with nearly 100,000 people housed in makeshift tents -- that are rapidly becoming quasi-permanent dwellings.

move past the anxiet

some of the questions

Visual Designer

The issues raised by these camps, and by the refugee crisis in general, range from the social and economic to the humanitarian

2013 - Now

diaspora identity

Visual Designer

Glenn Lowry, long-time director of New York's world-renowned Museum of Modern Art, joins CNN Style as guest editor, curating a series of arresting stories on the theme of migration.


Web Design

Lowry brings his peerless insight to the role, as the creative force behind MoMA for over two decades. He has led the institution as it produced ground-breaking and boundary-stretching exhibitions including Marina Abramovi?'s performance retrospective "The Artist Is Present," an exhibition on filmmaker Tim Burton, Talk to Me: Design and the Communication between People and Objects, Picasso Sculpture, and Yoko Ono: One Woman Show, 1960--1971.

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I'm gonna shoot you in the head then and there. Then I'm gonna shoot that bitch in the kneecaps.

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The proposed new design of the fence incorporates "anti-climb features" and "intrusion detection technology," a Secret Service spokeswoman said in a statement. The new design features a fence that is 11 feet and seven inches tall


There has recently been a spike in attempts to climb the fence around the White House. Most notably, in 2014, a man hopped the north fence and sprinted past the north portico White House doors and actually into the building, before he was stopped. Earlier this month, a man was arrested after he jumped the north fence of the White House, and on Tuesday, a male suspect was taken into custody when he jumped a fence at the Eisenhower Executive Office building that is next door to the White House.

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